Big Game Attractant (10lb. Bag)


RALLY POINT’s special blend of grain by-products is compressed into a pellet to intensify the aroma and improve your ability to draw big game from near and far. Before the season, use RALLY POINT to develop big game travel patterns and to establish RALLY POINTS (RPs) on your property. During the season, continue to use RALLY POINT to ensure your trophy will be there waiting. The higher levels of protein and fat in our product increases mass and animal health. RALLY POINT offers one of the highest levels of nutrient based plant proteins on the market, while maintaining a second to none aroma.




Grain by-product


On the Ground– Clear ground of leaves and debris. Pour the entire bag of Rally Point directly on the ground in either pile or straight lines.

In Feeder or Troughs– Dump entire bag, directly into feeder or trough. Rally Point can be mixed with corn at a 3:1 ratio